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Kateesha Atterbury

Chair of the Board, Rainier Valley Community Development Fund

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund

Executive Search

I want to give special thanks to Mr. Jan Glick & Mr. Heyward Watson for your immense support and commitment to build this organization.  Beyond facilitation of an excellent Executive Search, their guidance significantly strengthened both our governance and our operations. We could not have accomplished this much without you.

Makaylaa Powers

Board Chair Emeritus

Residence XII

Partnerships & Mergers

Residence XII provided residential treatment for women with substance abuse problems for over 40 years.  In our last few years, our annual budget deficit grew, putting our viability in jeopardy.  When we found Jan Glick & Associates in 2018, we were in deep red ink.  JGA guided our board and staff gracefully through a series of turnaround and merger options and decisions, supporting us at each, which eventually led to a terrific outcome.  I can’t stress enough how traumatic this could have been for us and how JGA’s methodical and systematic help supported our options analysis in a positive way.  When we were acquired by Newport Academy, our mission and all of our services not only continued, but were expanded with Newport’s much greater capacity and size.

Erin Johnson

Executive Director, Velocity Dance Center

Velocity Dance Center

Nonprofit Turnaround Workshops, Performance Improvement & Turnarounds

Jan and his book gave us the gift of clarity. The path to turnaround wasn’t complicated, but it did require us to make the bold and uncomfortable choice to leave our physical space. After Jan helped us negotiate to exit our lease, we are moving forward more sustainably, even while navigating an international pandemic. There’s still a long way to go, but we now have a better understanding of how we got here, realistic goals for growth, and a renewed commitment to the mission and programs that make us who we are.

Bob Cook

Chair, Executive Search Committee

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority

Executive Search

I don’t think our search could have been run more effectively! The partnership between Jan Glick & Associates and Third Sector Company was excellent. Jan Glick & the Third Sector team skillfully guided us through the process, including outreach to and screening of candidates, thorough reference checks, and insightful facilitation of interviews.

David M. Johnson


NAVOS Mental Health Solutions

Partnerships & Mergers

Jan Glick & Associates guided and coached us through the processes of developing a letter of intent, structuring an agreement, and negotiating the details of an excellent agreement.  We now have a legal affiliation with MultiCare Health System and are happily discovering how to be even better as a partnership than I had hoped could be possible.  If you are considering a similar journey I highly recommend Glick & Associates as thoroughly professional, personable, experienced, resourceful and tactful experts to help you succeed.

Shouan Pan

Ph.D. Chancellor

Seattle Colleges

Partnerships & Mergers

On behalf Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees, my staff, and all foundation volunteers, I want to thank Jan Glick & Associates for effective and professional assistance to our work of integrating our separate college philanthropic foundations into a single foundation over the past 12 months. The depth and breadth of your experience with non-profit mergers, your combined skills skills in bringing people together and threading difficult but candid conversations with diverse perspectives, and your styles have proven to be just what we needed for this work.

Todd Vogel

Board Chair (Former)

Social Venture Partners

Executive Search

At Social Venture Partners, Jan Glick & Associates kept our Executive search focused and on-track. His emphasis on change management made what can be a difficult transition following a founding Executive, much smoother. We are grateful for his help.

Terry Kyllo

Executive Director

Paths to Understanding

Performance Improvement & Turnarounds

We are fortunate that Jan Glick & Associates was recommended to us. Their approach helped us to listen to each other, facilitated our conversation and used our energies effectively to lead us through our reinvention process. Jan has an ability to create space for the difficult conversations that lead to growth. We would not be where we are today without Jan Glick & Associates' assistance. We wholeheartedly recommend Glick & Associates as a consultant for organizations that want to adapt to these challenging times while being true to their history, values and vision.

Jim Lombardo

Board Chair (Former)

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

Partnerships & Mergers

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Christopher Williams

Deputy Superintendent

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Strategic & Business Planning

Our department had been grappling with escalating utility costs for many years. Jan Glick & Associates quickly and collaboratively assessed our situation, designed a process and developed a strategic plan that addressed our department’s barriers and opportunities.  Jan Glick & Associates then conveyed the essential elements of the necessary changes clearly and compellingly to internal and external stakeholders in order to build buy-in to the initiative.  Glick & Associates achieved powerful results and buy-in to change initiatives--a rare combination for a consulting company in the public sector.

Kathy Thamm

Executive Director (Retired )

Community Minded Enterprises

Executive Search, Strategic & Business Planning

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Marty Miller

Executive Director

Office of Rural and Farmworker Housing

Strategic & Business Planning

Our board and staff loved how Jan kept us focused on the most critical strategic issues within the business planning process. He also seamlessly facilitated the Executive Director succession, balancing the interests of the board with those of the incoming and outgoing Directors. As a new Executive Director myself, Jan’s insightful coaching has given me the tools to better develop and empower my staff in order to meet the business plan’s objective of being an industry leader.

Mike Parrott

Chairman of the Board (Former)

Children’s Institute for Learning Differences

Performance Improvement & Turnarounds

Jan Glick & Associates was instrumental in encouraging our Board to do what we knew had to be done. With their guidance and motivation, our Board was able to find the strength, energy, and confidence to make bold moves in the areas of policy, structure, financial oversight, event management, and succession planning, that all contributed to our "turnaround" and assurance of continued success. Thanks, Jan!

Judy Allen

Executive Director (Former)

Community Action Center of Whitman County

Performance Improvement & Turnarounds

We are transforming the agency – its culture, its yearly expectations and reaching the goal for a sustainable future. None of this could have occurred without the persistence and pressure imposed by Jan Glick & Associates, our consultant for the project.

Stephanie Stebich

Executive Director (Former)

Tacoma Art Museum

Strategic & Business Planning

Jan Glick & Associates did an outstanding job of aligning our board of trustees toward common strategic goals, helping the board articulate their goals using clear and inspirational language.  Jan Glick & Associates' unique ability to achieve consensus among diverse groups created a positive space for the board to voice their ideas and better understand how to achieve those goals in tandem with staff members.

David Schlesinger

Executive Director (Former)

Eastside Employment Services

Partnerships & Mergers

Jan Glick & Associates' facilitation process, depth of knowledge and broad experience helped our board proceed with confidence through succession planning which led to a merger with another, larger non-profit.  Their deft handling of diverse personalities helped us sail through issues that might have otherwise been challenging. The merger went very smoothly and Jan Glick & Associates’ expertise, approach and style got consistent high marks.

Melva Tolbert

Executive Director (Former)

New Sunrise Properties

Executive Search

I registered for the Executive Leadership Institute with my usual reservations. However, my time in the Institute and coaching from Jan, of Jan Glick & Associates, have given me a new awakening to lead my board, staff and agency to greater places.

Marie Kittredge

Executive Director (Former )

Slavic Village Development

Executive Search

Jan's individual coaching sessions bring leadership back into focus for me and assures that the leadership role, which is so critical to the success of my organization, remains foremost in my mind. Jan's quiet reflective style and his long experience in the business world enables him to be supportive at the same time he asks the tough questions, pushing me to successfully confront my most difficult leadership challenges. Jan's coaching pulled it altogether, making the experience truly transformative and enabling me to really internalize and use the skills I learned in class.