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Consulting with Azim is a one-on-one in-depth customized experience. Azim has worked with corporations, couples and families, with sibling groups often fighting over inheritance issues. He works with self-forgiveness and other personal or family issues.

Azim customizes one-on-one consulting assignments for challenges in corporations and organizations, personal challenges and family challenges. He has saved several marriages, created peaceful resolutions in families and siblings (often fighting over inheritance issues), and in management teams. There is often a disruptive player (a square peg trying to fit in a round hole) in most teams and this assignment works to help that team member to transform and be a united team player, or resign. This often then leaves the rest of the players functioning more effectively in getting better and more profitable results.


Azim also works with intact management teams at for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations. These are a day and a half customized workshop designed to transform conflict into unity and inspire passionate peak performance in team members.   Often the issues can be deep-seated and Azim is able to individually coach each member of the team separately, then hosts a joint workshop with the entire team based on his professional knowledge of restorative practices.

Restorative practices

Restorative practices have not widely hit the corporate boardroom or management teams yet, but it is a humane holistic approach to conflict resolution and team coherence. The goal is to shift from a punitive mindset to a restorative mindset with the following goals:

  1. Heal the victim
  2. Return the offender back as a responsible contributing member of the team
  3. Heal the community (management team or the entire company)

Azim has written in detail about restorative justice in his books as well as conducted several assignments in the social arena, including prisons, using these principles. In most of these engagements, the participants have achieved profound breakthroughs. The result is a united team, working in harmony and unison towards the organization’s mission thus creating more profitable results.

Forgiveness and Grief Consulting – Personalized Individual, Couple, or Family Consulting

With Azim Khamisa’s consultation – for individuals, couples, families, and teams – clients receive a customized plan to use principles of forgiveness, self-forgiveness, redemption, peace, and unity to create the precise life they want.

Azim customizes a “Forgiveness Intensive” – a kind, gentle, compassionate, and life-altering breakthrough session– for your individual challenges, whatever they may be. Some common topics requested are:

  • Families that are grieving a loss
  • Forgiving others for harm they have done to you
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Developing effective leadership that shifts entire organizations to operate at their best

Consulting Testimonials