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Training & Workshops

Through workshops at the public and corporate levels, participants learn how they can free themselves and others through the power of forgiveness.

Training programs and workshops facilitate a deep-dive into Azim’s structured processes to create transformation, heal through forgiveness, and to inspire individuals and professionals to perform at their zenith. These personalized experiences motivate participants to be effective and purposeful leaders in their workplace and communities.  Most participants in Azim’s workshops and training experience a tangible, life-altering breakthrough. Azim has developed a structured process of how to forgive people that have harmed you and how to forgive yourselves so you do not reside in debilitating emotions that block you from performing at your peak. These processes have helped Azim and many to do the same in his  25 years of global professional experience. Irrespective of cultures, nationalities, races, and backgrounds, most can learn to forgive, be free of limiting and debilitating emotions, and thus fully express themselves. It can help you as well!

“Azim’s workshop was life-changing!”

-Workshop Participant Feedback

Through these customized training programs and workshops offered to the public and corporate domains, participants learn how they can free themselves and their team members to become effective leaders in their workplace and communities. Interestingly many having learned these processes are able to create more intimate relationships in their homes and families as an added bonus.  See below for specific details to find the right training or workshop for your group.

Azim has four workshops that are available to the public and intact management teams:


Transform Conflict into Unity (Designed for the For-profit Community)

This is a one and half-day workshop for corporate intact management teams. Where there are people there is always conflict. Sometimes these internal conflicts can be devastating and negatively affect the bottom line. A team not working in unity is not able to create the impact and hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park results. This workshop addresses the elephant in the room and does a deep-dive into resolving the divide through the principles of Restorative Justice (RJ).  Azim has mastered RJ principles through his work is social services and has written extensively about them in his books. 

The goal of this workshop is to:

1) Heal the victim

2) Return the offender back as a functioning accountable and contributing member of the team and

3) Heal the community (management teams).

The issues in most relationships are not as serious as dealing with the murder of their child – often issues are petty or sometimes festering over time. Azim’s teachings help create unity through forgiveness and grace in teams which then foster more positive outcomes. These actions then help the individual team members to thrive at their full potential, improving the bottom line and the competitive advantage of their companies. This work helps them both professionally and also personally.


Passionate Performance Model – Bringing Passion and Productivity to your Organization  (Designed for the Non-profit Community)

Where there are people, there is the opportunity for conflict. This course teaches participants in non-profit organizations how to transform conflict into unity, so that employees and volunteers can all work at their zenith with a sense of purpose and passion. Azim demonstrates how this brand new performance model used by non-profit organizations will transform your business and bring maximum results. A unified team will improve the environment of any organization, creating a climate conducive to performances full of passion, teamwork and fulfillment. For non-profit organizations, such an environment will help to create the impact the organizations desire. Learn from Azim Khamisa, founder of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, and see how he was able to achieve this with TKF and other organizations with which he has consulted.

In this presentation, Azim will teach you:

  • How to create passionate performance in your organization
  • How the role of forgiveness fits into high performance leadership
  • How to inspire your management team and employees to perform at their zenith

Through customize exercises, inspiring stories and hands-on forgiveness and redemption work, participants receive training needed to create passionate performances in the workforce in order to produce the best results for the employee, the management and the company at large, as well as create the impact the organizations desire.


Strengthen Your Spiritual Resilience

Do you want to increase your spiritual resilience so that you are prepared for any situation? Do you need help bouncing back from life’s hardest hits? The resilience of the human spirit is being tested on a daily basis. In life, we all get serious challenges that intellect alone will not be able to solve even if you have a double Ph.D. Challenges to our hearts are not able to heal. However, there are NO HITS that your spirit cannot solve or heal. Azim is a good example of this.

Author of the Bulletproof Spirit,  Azim Khamisa teaches how to strengthen your spiritual resiliency in simple steps. Practice spiritual hygiene (daily meditations),  deeply explore forgiveness and re-pattern your mind to utilize life’s challenges in your favor.  Azim Khamisa will share his story of resilience, forgiveness, and the importance of living a positive life. Azim reveals the thirty keys to emotional resiliency and the corresponding strategies that can be used to transcend heart-wrenching losses. Nutritious food-for-thought, these techniques teach us to reframe loss as a bridge rather than an abyss; to appreciate that forgiveness is a practice, not an event; to question the value of consistency and find opportunities in instability.

This can be a keynote, live workshop or webinar


For the Public:

The Journey of Forgiveness Destination Peace and Redemption

This is a  two-day deep dive into the process of forgiving people that have harmed you and forgiving yourself.  Azim teaches the three steps he used to forgive his son’s murderer and how they helped him to get to peace. This is chronicled in his trilogy: From Murder to Forgiveness – a Father’s Journey; followed by From Forgiveness to Fulfillment and From Fulfillment to Peace.  The forward of this last book about achieving peace was written by Tony Hicks, the teenager who killed Azim’s son and is now active as an adult with the Foundation. Azim’s workshop also addresses the importance of self-forgiveness — a much harder journey — from Tony’s journey of redemption. You cannot achieve peace by only forgiving people that have harmed you, it is important to forgive yourself as well.  The workshop is experiential and participants in this workshop over the last 25 years have experienced a powerful breakthrough.

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