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The story and the journey provide a way to join Azim on a path of peace and purpose.

Over the last 25 years, Azim has given over 600 standing-ovation speeches to a variety of audiences. The talks are to inspire purpose, leadership, and peace through the practice of forgiveness. One is never the same once they experience Azim’s words through his journey, also chronicled in his books. If you are living in resentment or guilt and thus not able to perform at your zenith – this talk will help you get there by forgiving people who have harmed you and forgiving yourself so you can perform at your fullest potential. Azim often customizes his talks to meet the theme of your conferences and meetings.




Leadership for the Greater Good – a Guide for Truth to Power Champions

This is Azim’s latest book that debuted in May 2020 and discusses a new leadership model. 

This book discusses a new form of leadership that I believe we desperately need to turn us around in an upward spiral before it is too late. Especially now in the midst of US elections, the world is dominated by media, lies, fake news, innuendos, violence, spins, and divisiveness. A Satyagrahi Leader is one who, like Gandhi, role-models, practices, teaches, and leads with an unwavering and strong adherence to truth.

The premise of this book challenges our current models of leadership development. Today, most existing leadership models singularly emphasize improving one’s chosen field of endeavor, but there should be so much more to a leader than a career. The world desperately needs leaders who can address our planet’s most pressing dilemmas, including the loss of democracy, freedom, inclusiveness, environmental issues, poverty, immigration, crime, violence (especially in our youth), and divisiveness. The new brand of leaders who can address our daunting challenges will need super-competency, not only in their chosen professions – as taught by most institutions of higher learning – but also equal competency in social transformation and a strong adherence to truth and ethical, spiritual, and moral values. This triad of competencies is critical to tackling the current degradation of society.

While we do not have enough Satyagrahi Leaders, fortunately there are a few. I have chosen a dozen in my book – they are male, female, Caucasian, African- American, Japanese, 1st Nation, Middle Eastern, East Indian – from different races, faiths, and nationalities, thus introducing that these distinctions are not important in the development of Satyagrahi Leaders. You will be surprised that these leaders I have chosen are not Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, MLK Junior, and other famous people who may come into your mind. Rather, they are rare and relatively unknown, unsung heroes who are indeed exemplary of the above competencies and are changing the world. It is my hope that emerging and existing leaders will be inspired to emulate these competencies and help move us to a world that is inclusive, compassionate, and works for everyone.


The Journey of Forgiveness: Destination Peace & Redemption

A talk delivered to thousands all over the country and abroad. Most people are either in resentment about what has happened to them or in guilt about what they have done to another. In this talk, Azim shows how to be free of guilt and anger to enter the pathway of peace, using the same three steps Azim used to forgive the murderer of his son.


Journey Through Grief – Creating Spiritual Currency in the Name of the Departed

Everyone experiences loss in one way, shape or form. No matter nationality, age, religion or race, we all must grieve the departure of loved ones in our lives. How are we to process the loss clearly, cleanly, and completely? Azim Khamisa provides the pathway from grief to purpose in sharing his story of losing his son Tariq, starting the foundation in Tariq’s name, and later experiencing the passing of his mother, who was the emotional and spiritual foundation upon which he stood. By transforming grief and loss into acts of service, Azim shifted a negative into a positive and created purpose for himself and uplift for a community. In the process, he created spiritual currency for the departed so their soul’s journey could be lifted ever higher on the other side. Join Azim as he guides you to embrace a grieving process that takes you from sadness and loss to hope, action, service, and positive change.


From Fulfillment to Peace – The Next Steps

Now that audiences, through the work and books of Azim Khamisa, have moved from forgiveness to fulfillment and then to peace … now what? What is one to do with the newfound freedom and release that comes from the inner world of peace? The answer is: good works. In Azim Khamisa’s newest talk, he guides audiences on how to take fulfillment and peace into the world to help support a world at peace. For Azim, the action step included working with children, teaching them of the choice between the world of gangs and violence and the world of peace and nonviolence. For you, what is that first step that leads to the thousand, where you don’t simply talk or philosophize, but take action … and make the difference you were born to make? Come hear Azim speak and find out.


On Purpose: Finding your Unique Path to Peace and Fulfillment

Azim Khamisa guides you through his own experience of locating a path of peace, first discovered in tragedy and later ending in triumph, so that you can find your own fulfilling and purposeful life. Based on his book trilogy – From Murder to Forgiveness, From Forgiveness to Fulfillment, From Fulfillment to Peace – this talk will point you directly towards the higher life as you uncover your higher purpose: how to find it, how to test it, and how to maintain it.


The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit: How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits

Over the years, Azim’s harsh experiences in life – personally and in business – have not destroyed him, but inspired him to create even greater, more expansive results in his life. Hear how he did it, and how you too can create incredible results in your life, no matter what has gone before. This talk helps build super spiritual resiliency to navigate life’s toughest challenges. This presentation follows the book of the same name, co-written by Jillian Quinn and published by Random House in February 2009.

Your Customized  Topic

Azim specializes in and enjoys taking his expertise in forgiveness and his visionary approach to leadership into every setting imaginable. If you do not see a speech topic that resonates with your conference offerings of management goals, simply fill out a Booking Enquiry on this page with your desired goals listed, including the size and nature of the audience, and Azim will happily tailor his messages to your needs.

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Restorative Justice: A New Paradigm for Social Transformation

In this presentation, punitive justice gives way to “Restorative Justice.”  Unlike the broken punitive system we live with, which rarely provides any true justice, Restorative Justice is a humane and compassionate approach that builds safer and better communities.  In the RJ model, justice is not served until these 3 goals are achieved:

  1. The victim is made whole.
  2. The offender is returned to society as a functioning and contributing member.
  3. The community is healed.

Azim Khamisa, who has written extensively on RJ and is considered one of the pioneers in this field with over 27 years of speaking and training, will discuss the merits of RJ and how to implement it in respective communities.  Tony Hicks, who murdered Azim's only son Tariq, will join Azim when available, either in person or by video.  Azim forgave Tony and invited him to work alongside him in the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (, which Azim established 27 years ago to honor his son Tariq and to serve and educate children and youth.  Visit his website at and view his TED talk at, which has over 1 million views.


Teaching Kids Principles of Nonviolence & Peacemaking

Azim has a special way with the children.  He shows them, in simple terms, how to comprehend and apply the principles of non-violence, with a focus on prevention. Having led over 1000 presentations since 1996, from grade schools to universities, Azim can connect and move the young hearts in a direction towards peace and away from violence and gang life.

The Role of Forgiveness in High Performance Leadership

Targeted for leaders in the corporate world, in government and businesses, this highly effective workshop shows participants how to create unity within management teams, thus creating a higher functionality and efficiency in all areas of the organization. Azim reveals ways to experience great success in business and to have employees working at their zenith.


Commencement Keynotes

Azim is very committed to the development of tomorrow’s leaders through his work with youth, teens, and young adults. As a commencement keynote, Azim offers a fresh take on Leadership for the Greater Good, a spinoff of his 2020 Publication. This is an inspiring speech that will leave the audience equipped to move into their secondary education, vocations, and careers with the insight they need to create the kind of world that supports all with peace, compassion, and awareness.


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