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Google Paid Ads (PPC) Management

Suggested price: $1,000.00 / month

Sidestep the hassle and confusion of creating and managing Google Ads. For 25% of your monthly budget, we will research the most effective keywords, create your ads and give you a full analytics report every month. Simply enter the total you want to pay. We’ll deduct 25% as our fee and use the rest for ads. For example if you pay $1,000, we’ll deduct $250 as our fee and the remaining $750 will be used for ads. Set your own price below ($1000 minimum).

*PPC campaign management requires the full monthly fee if cancellation occurs after campaign build begins.

*This product is only available for purchase by logged-in members of the Pro, Premium, Elite or Maintenance plans.

Service Includes

Initial Account Setup: Configure campaign settings, create AdGroups, develop ads, conduct keyword research, add keywords, set location targeting, establish delivery schedules, and make mobile vs. PC adjustments. This establishes the initial campaign framework for launching the campaign and initiating click generation.

Conversion Tracking Code Installation: Install the tracking code to gather the necessary data for optimizing Google Ads and determining advertising return on investment (ROI).

Negative Keyword List Development: Create a list of negative keywords to ensure that inappropriate keywords are not utilized.

Ongoing Keyword Exploration: Continually discover new search phrases based on what is and isn’t already yielding success.

Keyword Bid Enhancement: Continuously optimize keyword bids to enhance campaign performance by giving priority to productive keywords.

Search Ad Enhancement: Continuously enhance search ads to boost campaign performance by replacing underperforming ads with new versions more aligned with high-performing ones.

Ad Display Timing Optimization: Continuously optimize the timing of ad displays to maximize campaign performance based on the time of day and day of the week.

Device Bid Optimization: Continuously optimize bid adjustments across different ad delivery platforms: PC, Mobile, and Tablet, to maximize campaign performance.

Geotargeting Bid Adjustment: Continuously optimize bid adjustments based on geo-targeting criteria such as Zip codes, cities, states, and countries to maximize campaign performance.

Monthly Reporting: Provide regularly scheduled monthly reports for the Google Ads campaign.

Campaign Transparency: Future Web Studio allows clients direct access to their PPC account(s). The ownership of the account belongs to the client, and Future Web Studio solely manages the campaign on the client’s behalf.