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Social Media Posting

$500.00 / month

Crafted to captivate the audience, direct potential leads to the client’s website, and strengthen SEO efforts, our social media posts are meticulously designed. These posts feature original content created by real individuals, aligning seamlessly with your SEO keyword strategies and overall website content.

For more posts and details, please refer to our Website Content & Blogging Services. It’s important to note that campaigns mandate at least one weekly post to maintain momentum.

We provide support for the following platforms:


This product is only available for purchase by members of the Pro, Premium or Elite plans.

Service Includes

  • Establishing Social Media Accounts: We initiate the creation of social platforms if they are not already in existence.
  • Boosting SEO Efforts: Our campaign management is strategically executed to enhance SEO results.
  • Content Generation: We take charge of crafting both the content and visuals/images required for posting. Additionally, we’re proficient in working with any creative assets you may provide.
  • Unique Content Creation: Our social media posts are characterized by professionalism and engagement. Each post is meticulously composed by our team, encompassing compelling copy, relevant hashtags (where applicable), and pertinent images tailored to your business.
  • Tailored Creative Approach: Our creative direction can operate autonomously, or we can cater to your specific requests. As part of our standard procedure, we focus on highlighting the services/products featured on your website. However, we are flexible and can create posts to spotlight sales, promotions, seasonal offerings, industry updates, staff accomplishments, as well as posts with humor, motivation, holiday themes, and more.