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Website Accessibility Services

$40.00 / month

Service Includes

Future Web Studio offers a comprehensive suite of website inclusivity services, employing a dynamic duo of applications to enhance your online platform. Our accessibility interface takes charge of user interface and design refinements, while our AI-driven system tackles the intricate demands associated with optimizing screen reader compatibility and keyboard navigation.

Future Web Studio’s interface operates on a session-based model, serving as a versatile tool for tailoring website accessibility to individual preferences. Through this interface, users gain the power to personalize your website in alignment with their specific accessibility requirements.

Behind the scenes, Future Web Studio’s machine learning processes quietly execute, drawing upon contextual comprehension and cutting-edge computer vision models to address the multifaceted needs of screen reader and keyboard navigation accessibility.

On a daily basis, our AI diligently scans for any updates in your content, ensuring ongoing accessibility improvements.

In addition, our Litigation Support Package stands as a complimentary offering to our valued clients, poised to assist in scenarios where website compliance is contested. This comprehensive package extends beyond mere attention, encompassing professional audits, detailed reports, accessibility mapping, supportive compliance documentation, expert guidance, and more. Your accessibility journey is in capable hands with Future Web Studio.

This product is only available for purchase by members of the Pro, Premium or Elite plans.

Some clients, especially those with medical or enterprise applications have a legal requirement to demonstrate accessibility above and beyond our normal offering. Out of the box, the websites we design and build are guaranteed to exceed a score of 90 with the Google Lighthouse audit tool (excludes migrated websites or those not hosted on our servers). For those clients with specific needs, we offer an additional layer of accessibility and documentation through our partner AccessiBe, for 20% off their normal rate. AccessiBe provides a layer of AI based accessibility, a widget for users to configure their accessibility preferences and downloadable documentation proving that your website complies with standards like ADA, WCAG and AODA.